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Java: How to split a string based on . (DOT) , (COMMA) : (COLON)

In Java language, DOT is a special character in the regular expression. If you have the following string String str = "He is a boy. He is my friend"; The following statement will return an empty string array String tokens[] = s.split("."); Solution: You can split a string based on DOT in the following two ways a) String tokens[] = str.split("[.]"); b) String tokens[] = str.split("\\."); The same solution also applies to the following characters a) WHITE SPACE  b) COMMA c) COLON Complete Example: public class StringSplit {      public static void main(String[] args ) {           String str = "He is a boy.He is my friend" ;           String tokens [] = str .split( "[.]" );           System. out .println( tokens [0]);           System. out .println( tokens [1]);          //or using escape character           tokens = str .split( "\\." );           System. out .println( tokens [0])