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Spring Boot Maven plugin - How to deploy WAR to an external tomcat's webapp folder?

 Introduction Spring Boot Maven plugin by default generates the WAR file inside the target folder. In this post, I will explain how to copy the generated war file to an external Tomcat's webapps folder using Spring Boot Maven plugin. In my earliest post , you can learn how to package a Spring Boot application as WAR.  Solution Step 1  Follow this link to specify the packaging as WAR in pom.xml and also to configure the  SpringBootServletInitializer class Step 2 (optional) Specify a cleaner name for WAR using the finalName tag in pom.xml  <finalName>auth</finalName> Step 3 Specify the outputDirectory directory      <build> <finalname>auth</finalname> <plugins> <plugin>           <groupid>org.springframework.boot</groupid> <artifactid>spring-boot-maven-plugin</artifactid> <configuration>           <outputdirectory>D:/Development Utils/apache-tomcat-9.0.30/webapps</outputdirectory>

Apache Maven - How to set network proxy settings?

In the following post, we learned how to install Apache Maven on Windows 10 How to install Apache Maven on Windows? If your development PC is behind a proxy network, you will not be able to add Java dependencies through Maven. Luckily Maven provides us with proxy settings. Add your network proxy to Maven's proxy settings STEP 1:  Navigate to your maven's directory and open conf folder E:\apache-maven-3.6.2\conf STEP 2:  Open settings.xml in your favorite text editor STEP 3: Uncomment the proxy tag inside proxies tag and add the values according to your network's proxy settings. <proxy>       <active>true</active>       <protocol>http</protocol>       <username>proxyuser</username>       <password>proxypass</password>       <host></host>       <port>80</port>       <nonProxyHosts>|</nonProxyHosts>     </proxy>

How to install Apache Maven on Windows 10?

Apache Maven is a Java tool that helps in building and managing the Java project. It is based on the concept of Project Object Modle(POM). It helps the Java developers to manage the project's JAR files in a central repository and those JAR files can be shared across the project. Maven project has the following objectives makes the build process easy provides a uniform build system  and many more In this post, we will learn how to install the Apache Maven on Windows (10). STEP 1: Download and install Java Download Java from . and install it. STEP 2: Download Apache Maven Download Apache Maven from  and extract it on your local machine like I have unzipped it to  E:\apache-maven-3.6.2 STEP 3: Set the JAVA_HOME environmental variable Right Click This PC ->  Properties -> Advanced system settings -> Environmental Variables Open Environmental Variables Click on N